jeudi 21 décembre 2017

Graphic nailart

Press sample
Hi Girls!

And I am back again to show you the last product I received from BeautyBigBang: a light blue glitter stripping tape. 

To make the stripping tape pop, I chose two creme nail polishes from Essie: Urban Jungle and After School Blazer Boy. I started by putting on two coats of Urban Jungle. 

Once my base was dry, I added a simple triangle with After School Blazer Boy with the nail polish brush directly. The line does not need to be perfectly straight since I put the stripping tape over it to delimit the colors. And here we are with a super simple, yet efficient, graphic nailart!

I generally do not put top coat over stripping tape because it usually removes the stripping tape and, unfortnately, this one does it too. When I put top coat over the stripping tape, it changed color, lost its shine, did not stick to my nails anymore and faded, as you can see on this picture: 

I liked the effect of this stripping tape but I would recommend not to put top coat over it if you want it to still be shiny and its original color. 

You can shop it here and it comes in eight different shades. As usual, you can have a 10% discount with the code NADJA0 and shipping is free worldwide. 

I hope you enjoyed this nailart!

Talk to you soon, 

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