mardi 19 décembre 2017

Flakies party

Press sample
Hi girls !

I am already back to talk about the second product I received from BeautBigBang : a little jar of flakies. They change color and go from purple, to blue and even to copper.

I wanted to try these kind of flakies for a little while but I was afraid that I would be a hot mess to clean up but, surprisingly, it was very easy to use and to clean up !

I first put down a black base, with Camelot from A England, the best black ever. Once my base was completely dry, I put the flakies on top with a sponge tip applicator. All you have to do is push the product on the dry nail polish to make it adhere and remove the excess with a dry brush.

This product is really super easy to use and the final result looked amazing : the flakies changed colors every time I moved my fingers, it was hypnotizing !

If you want to try these flakies, you can find them here and they exist in six different shades. You will receive a 10% discount witht the code NADJA0 and, as always, shipping is free worldwide.

Have you tried these kind of flakies yet ? Let me know !

See you soon,

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